The Boston Architectural College

To celebrate the college's 125th anniversary, we hosted our first annual Homecoming celebration. This event was designed for alumni and by alumni to gather generations of alumni, students, and faculty together on campus again. 

“We’ve all seen just how amazing Catalina Ianetta is, and I count her as one of our most wonderful blessings.” 
- Julia Halevy, Boston Architectural College President

“I wish more of you could have been around to experience one of the warmest and joyful days I have ever experienced at the BAC.  It truly was a convergence of generations, design, collegiality, thought and, more than anything, fun.”
- Marc Pelletier, Boston Architectural College Chairman of the Board of Trustees

**This event was planned and executed for the Boston Architectural College by Catalina in her role as Special Events Manager**

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