Celebrating Urban Sustainability

2015 & 2016

The Boston Architectural College

For two years in a row, the BAC hosted Spring into Design: Celebrating Urban Sustainability, a fundraising event to support the mission of accessible design education. First implemented in 2015, the goal was to raise a total of $160k. In its first year we exceeded that goal and brought in over $200k for the college. The following year, in 2016, we broke the record yet again by raising over $350k.


Focusing on sustainability, this event minimized the waste without sacrificing glam: We utilized potted plants from the Boston Parks and Recreation Department as greenery in the space - which were then planted in the public gardens later in the season. Instead of creating waste caused by disposable plates and cutlery, the only available paper goods were made from recycled materials and fully compostable. Guests were given a single BAC-branded wineglass at the beginning of the night to use throughout the event and as a nice takeaway for them when they departed. 


In an effort to keep the costs low, and also feature the concept of sustainability in a unique way, we invited local farm-to-table inspired restaurants to offer tastings of their fare. Restaurants like Tavern Road, Sweetgreen, Whole Foods, Island Creek Oysters, Genji Sushi, and Taza Chocolate were just some of the vendors featured in the first two years of this event. 


Partnerships with sustainable tech and innovative partners also brought another level of "green" to the event - a Tesla was parked outside and guests could learn more about the innovative automobile company. All of the decor was created using sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood, recycled material fabrics, and carpeting from Interface, a zero emission carpet company. 

“Excellent job pulling together the Spring into Design event last night.  Thanks for all of your efforts.  I was very excited to see lots of new blood in the room.  Everyone seemed to have a good time, and it was a great improvement from last year in every category.” 
- Stephen Messinger, BAC Alumni Board President


“What a spectacular success you created! Large turnout, great venue, easy access to excellent food and drink, good conversations, easy to find people. I was very impressed. Thank you.”  
- Judith Nitsch, BAC Trustee 

Press and Media Coverage

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**This event was planned and executed for the Boston Architectural College by Catalina in her role as Assistant Director of Special Events**

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