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Mermaid pool party

This event was planned and executed by Champagne & Confetti

When this birthday girl asked for a mermaid-themed birthday party, we were secretly (not so secretly) thrilled!! We been dreaming of an incredible mermaid pool party and were so excited to make this little lady's birthday wish come true. 

We transformed the backyard into a mermaid grotto, complete with seaweed, lobster traps, bubbles, shells, and sea critters. From the dining tent to the dessert display, every inch of the yard was covered with sea-themed delights. 

Kids had fun playing mermaid games - a carnival fishing game, pin the tail on the mermaid, and an epic 2,000 balloon water balloon fight! By the time the kids came back from their games, there was a surprise waiting for them by the pool - a real live mermaid! 

The kids loved swimming with Oceane, asking her about life at sea, and playing pool games. The birthday girl got a monofin for her birthday, and Oceane taught her how to swim underwater and practice her tail splashing. 

After swimming and splashing, the kids had fun singing karaoke, smacking a piñata, and blowing bubbles.

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