Vow Renewal

What a lovely day for a vow renewal! My parents, Heather and Vincent, tied the knot 35 years ago and have been thriving ever since. 


I learned a lot watching my parents over the years - how to be compassionate from my mother, how to be competitive from my father, and how to be loving from them as a couple. I can see my own relationship as a reflection of theirs - supportive, and adventurous.


My parents travel the world together, and one of their favorite places they have traveled to is Hawaii. We learned a few years ago that my mother is related by marriage to the last queen of Hawaii, Queen Lili'uokalani. As the people of Hawaii say, we are Ohana, family by not only blood but by spirit. And so we celebrated with our Ohana at this special Hawaiian-themed vow renewal party.

Guests gathered for a cocktail reception on the patio where they recounted stories of my parents when they were younger and looked through old photo albums, including their original wedding album. We grazed on bountiful platters of cheese, fruit and tuna poke and swayed to live ukulele music. 

During the ceremony I acted as not only event planner, but also as officiant as my parents recited the same vows they took 35 years ago. Instead of rings, they exchanged orchid leis flown in from Hawaii. 

After the ceremony, a full luau feast including mahi mahi, pulled pork, grilled pineapple, sticky rice, macadamia nut cookies was spread out for guests, and my father gave a moving toast to our Ohana using the same champagne glasses they used at their wedding. And, let's not forget about that luxurious cake topped with sugar orchids.   

**This vow renewal was planned and managed by Champagne & Confetti**

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