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Our creative team excels in the art of creating extraordinary events from the ground up. We love working with couples seeking a completely customized planning experience that results in a jaw-droppingly beautiful and entertaining event for their family & friends.

We thrive on creativity, pushing boundaries, and implementing innovative designs and solutions. Crafting an event from scratch demands vision, expertise, and no matter your budget, a significant investment.

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Transparency Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on our transparent approach and the trust we share with our clients. We take the stewardship of your event budget seriously.

As a bespoke agency, we practice quality over quantity. Similar to investing in a designer handbag or a tailored suit, this means that our services will not be the most affordable option in the market. However, we guarantee that our work with you will be highly customized and innovative.

To provide the high-touch approach each event deserves, Champagne & Confetti: Celebrations by Catalina limits itself to one full-service wedding per month, and one full-service nonprofit event per quarter.

Your Investment

Your investment is contingent on your preferences. Do you want a band or a DJ? Are you a minimalist, or do you want abundant florals? Do you value a fine dining experience with wine pairings, or want an innovative & experiential dinner? We guide our clients in determining their goals and overarching vision, and once those expectations are set, our design and vendor recommendations meet you at that level.


While the exact number is determined by multiple factors such as location, production, floral design, food & beverage, etc. to get the most out of our services, our couples typically spend an average of $1,500 per guest.



As a planner who prioritizes small businesses and locally sourced and sustainable options, our services and the vendors we trust most are bespoke, creative, and high-touch. This means we put in more time on your behalf (over 300 hours on average) to ensure a cohesive, hyper-personalized, and meaningful experience.

Our full-service package minimum is $15,000 which breaks down into the following components, each corresponding to distinct facets of our collaborative journey:

  • Planning & Design - Flat rate based on scope

  • Production - 10% of the overall production budget

  • Event Management - Flat rate based on scope


A comprehensive budget review takes place during the planning & design stage to ensure transparency and alignment with your vision.

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