3rd Birthday 

I had so much fun with this Rapunzel themed birthday party for a little three-year-old. 


As a fan of the movie Tangled myself, I had fun incorporating many little details from the movie that all Tangled fans would admire. The color palette was, of course, inspired by Rapunzel's dress and the flowers she has woven into her hair when she reaches the city. 

The centerpiece of the party was lovely tiered cake on a themed treats table. There was a cast iron pan of cheese and crackers, favor bags emblazoned with the sun logo, and paintbrushes and palettes to represent Rapunzel's love of painting in the movie. 


And of course, we surprised the little princess with her own Rapunzel dress, wig and crown, which she wore throughout the day. 

I used plenty of yellow ribbon and yarn to represent Rapunzel's fabled hair, and even a long Rapunzel braid into the guest of honor's initial.

**This event was planned and executed by Champagne & Confetti**

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