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                                                                   The sun was shining brightly on these newlyweds as they said their vows and partied the night away at                                                                                 Zorvino Vineyards. A lovely ceremony took place under a beautiful gazebo overlooking the vineyard. The                                                                               couple personalized their nuptials by incorporating a wine ceremony where they both took sips of a custom                                                                         blended wine. Guests wound through grape vines to get from the ceremony location to the cocktail reception.


The couple embraced their surroundings - all of the printed materials gave a nod to the location, with a wine stain design that echoed the couple's love of wine. Wine bottles directed guests to their assigned tables, and everyone took a cork coaster home at the end of the night. The couple utilized wine barrels, wine crates, and grapes throughout the design of the space further immersing the guests into the vineyard experience. 



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