Workplace Innovation Summit


Design Museum Boston

The 4th annual Workplace Innovation Summit was bigger and better than any summit before it - gathering over 300 guests at the Innovation and Design Building for a one-day, hands-on collaborative summit around the topic of the future of the workplace. 


Thought leaders from all business sectors led keynote presentations from the stage, visioning excercises, q-storming workshops, and stimulated networking and conversation throughout the day. 


Technology was woven seamlessly throughout the event, especially given the topic of the day! Guests kept track of the day through Bluescape digital notebook technology that displayed beautifully illustrated notes by a Collective Next scribe. Guests were encouraged to take notes throughout the day both on paper as well as on their smart devices, allowing attendees to interact the the content in their favorite work style. 


VR experiences by Herman Miller put attendees in the middle of renderings and architectural plans, enhancing the design experience. Ava Robotics offered the opportunity for off-site guests to attend the event via their remote work robot which wandered through the event as a live guest. 

Exhibitors displayed and promoted the very pinnacle of workplace innovation with vignettes offering soundproof phone booths, privacy screens for open-concept offices, sound absorbing lighting fixtures, standing desks, and touch-screen technology among much more! 

At the reception following the conference guests, exhibitors, and sponsors kept the conversations going, eager to learn from each other and continue the momentum the day encouraged.

"I was on such a high from the event throughout the whole weekend! I’m so glad to be a part of this movement (it really does feel like a collective movement after this year’s summit, and not just a conference/event). I felt that from many of the attendees as well."
- Alfred Byun, Presenter & Sponsor

"Congratulations! I thought it was amazing, and it took me all weekend just to start absorbing some of it! Last night starting Joe Meclinski’s book in bed -it is not exactly calming. It’s very stimulating and not for those who want to be lulled to sleep."

- Annie Mock, Attendee 

"I am sending you a quick note since I did not get a chance to chat with you on Friday at the event ( you were a busy lady!)  I just want to say GREAT JOB on the event and congrats on a successful day and for all of your hard work! It was a fabulous showing and you were a Rock Star! Great stuff and chat soon."

- Amy Lalezari, Facilitator & Think Tank Member

**This event was planned and executed for Design Museum Boston by Catalina in her role as Community Manager.** 

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