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What kinds of events do you specialize in?

Our creative team excels in the art of creating extraordinary events from the ground up. We love working with couples seeking a completely customized planning experience that results in a jaw-droppingly beautiful and entertaining event for their family & friends.

Getting creative, thinking beyond the box, and applying innovative designs and creative solutions is our thing - we can transform any space imaginable and specialize in events with challenging logistics.

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How much should I budget
for my wedding?

All weddings are different! We believe you can host a lovely event on any budget, but our services and the vendors we trust most are bespoke, creative, and high-touch - and that experience comes at a price.


The most effective way to think about a budget is price per person - a $100,000 event with 20 people is very different than a $100,000 event with 500 people! 

On average, our couples typically budget at least $1,000 per person on their wedding.

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How many events do you plan per year?

As a bespoke agency, we practice quality over quantity. Similar to investing in a designer handbag or a tailored suit, this means that our services will not be the most affordable option in the market. However, we guarantee that our work with you will be highly customized, high-touch, and innovative.


Because of this, we only take on a select number of full-service wedding clients - never more than 1 per month. 

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Pricing structures vary between planners. Could you please provide clarity on your pricing model?

Our hybrid pricing model is comprised of three components, each corresponding to distinct facets of our collaborative journey:

  • Planning & Design (fee based on the scope of the event)

  • Production (a percentage of the overall production budget)

  • Event Management (fee based on the complexity of onsite management needs)


A comprehensive budget review takes place during the planning & design stage to ensure transparency and alignment with your vision.

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