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We love planning events and have been doing so professionally since 2009, with nothing but success. But don’t just take our word for it — read on to see what our satisfied customers are saying about working with us.

"Thank you again for your fantastic support with the planning and execution  of our wedding. We couldn’t be more pleased with how it went. We really appreciated your creativity and your calmness throughout the planning process, it was great to work with you."

- Wedding Client

"Working with Cat was a breath of fresh air! As someone who doesn't always have an "eye" for things, Cat came to the rescue with a thoughtful and creative approach to my vision for our wedding."

- Wedding Client


"Thank you so much for including me! I learned a lot and am thrilled to have had to opportunity to meet and work with you all. Congrats on the big numbers!! That is awesome!"

- Taniya Nayak, TV host and interior designer

“EVERYONE said to us, your wedding planner was amazing and made it all happen… thank you so very much for the BEST day of our lives, so far :)”
- Wedding Client

“Thank you for bringing some much needed elegance to my wedding – it was an absolute pleasure to work with you from start to finish. You were able to capture my simplistic style with a high level of sophistication. Your knowledge, experience, and taste were incredibly helpful, as you made suggestions I never would have thought of on my own.” 
- Wedding Client

“Catalina, you’ve made an enormous contribution to the BAC, increased our capacity beyond our wildest dreams, and managed everything you’ve done with grace. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with you.” 
- Julia Halevy, Boston Architectural College President

“We’ve all seen just how amazing Catalina Ianetta is, and I count her as one of our most wonderful blessings.” 
- Julia Halevy, Boston Architectural College President

“What a great evening! I had more than one person tell me it was one of the best fundraisers they had ever attended!"
- David Scott Sloan, Boston Conservatory Trustee and Gala Committee Member

“You were phenomenal. Helping everywhere and keeping calm after organizing logistics and EVERYTHING! Kudos!” 
- Charlotte Prescott Newton, Boston Conservatory Trustee and Gala Committee Member

“In my life I have attended many such events and have to say you managed to pull off a certain atmosphere – comfortable yet dressy, serious yet lighthearted, purposeful but fun – that other organizers could only dream of. Well Done!” 
- Shauna Holiman, Artist

“It’s hard to know where to begin, in expressing the tremendous joy, pride, and gratitude we’re all feeling as the afterglow of Saturday’s “Reaching for the Stars” Gala. This was undoubtedly the finest Gala performance we have ever mounted.” 
- Richard Ortner, Boston Conservatory President

Love Notes

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